Global Nursing 247

Global Nursing 247 was established in 2015 and is already one of the fastest growing staffing solution agency in the UK.
We have many years experience in delivering care and support supplying nurses and carers to the private sector. Our forte is to deliver the highest possible standard of care and first class customer service. Each of our specialist teams are highly skilled; their expertise, professionalism and reliability guarantees we deliver exceptional service, first time, every time. We offer a range of healthcare services to a diverse range of clients.

Why Choose Global Nursing

Global Nursing 24/7 is well established. We have a high retention of staff and invest heavily in their personal development, this gives Global Nursing 24/7 continuity and offers the client a level of comfort and reliance in all dealings with the company.
Global Nursing 24/7 is proud of its commitment to equal opportunities both to staff and to clients. We prornote the fair and equitable and objective approach irrespective of race, sexual orientation, colour, nationality, age, gender, disability, or marital status.
We aim to recruit, train and supply the highest calibre of nursing, care and support staff who will strive to provide quality, professional care to service users in all areas of the care setting.
As a key nursing care provider to both the private sector and the NHS, Global Nursing 24/7 employs a robust recruitment and selection process for all candidates. This includes:

> More than 5 years of work history
> 2 professional verified references
> Yearly enhanced criminal record check
> Occupational health check
> Immigration status
> Annual mandatory training up to date.